Thanks to this exciting new treatment option Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Therapy can activate dormant follicles and improve hair density. This is especially good news for those that may want to undergo hair transplantation surgery.

Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Therapy Procedure

At the start of the procedure, blood is drawn from the patient, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the various components, including plasma from the blood cells. This creates a highly concentrated nutrient rich set of growth factors which are then it is injected into targeted areas in the bald areas. The average appointment takes about two hours.

After the procedure, patients can expect to experience none to mild side effects. There can be some swelling and redness in the scalp but it will subside rather quickly. Because the treatment is minimally invasive there are almost no side effects. Patients are often able to return to work and other activities immediately after receiving treatment.

Use in Hair Transplant Procedures

Often Enhanced Hair Loss Treatment Therapy is used on patients that have undergone hair transplant surgery. By using this therapy provides a direct infusion of healing factors to scalp following surgery. It can be used in advance of hair transplantation surgery to prepare the scalp for the graft harvesting to help provide more viable grafts. Enhanced plasma therapy can also provide a boost to their hair growth and make transplants a reality.