ARTAS FUE Hair Transplants in Edmonton

ARTAS Robotic Advanced FUE Hair Transplants Edmonton

At PAI Hair Restoration in Edmonton, Alberta, we are exceptionally proud to now offer ARTAS advanced FUE Hair Transplants. ARTAS is the most advanced and innovative FUE hair transplant solution for men and women suffering from hair loss in the Edmonton area. The ARTAS FUE hair transplant procedure leaves no linear scarring, has very little downtime, and avoids damaging the surrounding healthy hair.

ARTAS FUE hair transplant surgery has revolutionized the science and art of hair restoration in a way never before imagined. ARTAS FUE hair transplant surgery is a minimally invasive hair restoration technology. This sophisticated hair restoration solution allows you to bring back your youthful look and still have the freedom to style your hair any way you desire.

If you live outside the Edmonton, Alberta area, we would be happy to arrange all the logistics for booking your procedure at our nearest PAI surgical hair transplant centre closest to you. Your patient experience will be professionally and confidentially coordinated by our experienced team.

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NeoGraft FUE Hair Transplantation Edmonton Alberta
ARTAS FUE Hair Transplants Edmonton Alberta

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Hair Restoration in Edmonton

PAI Medical Hair Restoration Centre in Edmonton, Alberta is a recognized leader in Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration for men and women experiencing thinning hair and hair loss.

The ARTAS FUE hair transplant systems eliminates many of the challenges that are often associated with FUE hair transplant surgery. This can include a lengthy procedure time, damage to adjacent healthy hair follicles as well as a potentially high cost per session. With ARTAS hair transplantation, the end result is a totally natural looking and aesthetically pleasing hair restoration.

What are the Benefits of ARTAS Hair Restoration?

  • Superior Results – Men and women get more natural results and allows them to style their hair in any style regardless of whether you wear your hair long or short.
  • Advanced Technology – ARTAS’s advanced hair transplant technology offers a minimally invasive hair restoration procedure, providing faster patient recovery times so you can resume your normal day-to-day life as quickly as possible.
  • Gentle – Performed under local anesthesia, there is very little if any discomfort, with no surgical incisions, staples, stitches or linear scarring.
  • Discrete – ARTAS hair transplant patients can typically resume normal activities and return to work and their daily routines within 24 to 48 hours.

ARTAS FUE Hair Transplantation: Improve the Way You Look & Feel

While typically part of the normal aging process, hair loss and balding can be very stressful. Trying to find ways to stop the balding process in the past was a challenge with less than successful outcomes. The advances in hair transplantation offered with ARTAS’s precision technology gives men and women a permanent hair loss solution with natural looking results that are completely undetectable, making it your secret to tell.

Will ARTAS Work for Me?

Men and women with hair loss at the top or front of the head are typically excellent candidates for ARTAS FUE hair transplant procedures. Because the hair is transplanted from the donor area, typically located at the back of the head, consideration must also be taken into account as to the density of the donor hair, as well as other factors such as the patient’s age, and the likelihood of future balding and continued hair loss. A consultation with our PAI medical team at our Edmonton, Alberta clinic will help you determine whether ARTAS FUE hair transplantation is right for you.



Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we provide the most advanced and effective hair restoration and hair transplant procedures for men and women of all ages and hair types in the Edmonton area.

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