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PAI Edmonton Hair Transplant & Hair Restoration Specialists

PAI Medical Hair Restoration Group in Edmonton, Alberta is one of the most respected and innovative hair transplant clinics in Canada. Our unwavering commitment to artistic and surgical excellence, detail, and patient success has created a benchmark which is unparalleled in hair transplant industry today. Our medical team and clinic staff are committed to providing you with the finest, most natural surgical hair transplants to help you not only restore your hair, but to restore your life.

Clinically Proven Hair Loss Solutions for Men & Women

At PAI Medical Group in Edmonton, we specialize in providing all clinically proven, natural hair restoration solutions for men and women, including both surgical hair transplantation as well as non-surgical hair loss treatment and trichological hair and scalp solutions for all types of hair loss problems.

We offer a full range of hair restoration and hair loss treatment solutions including our exclusive MUHG™ multi-unit hair graft transplants, NeoGraft Advanced FUE hair transplantation, and clinically proven low-level laser hair loss treatment programs. Each of our proven hair loss solutions are individually tailored to meet the needs of men and women of all ages and hair types.

Treatment for Hair Loss
at PAI Medical Group

Our goal at PAI Medical Group is to provide the finest, most aesthetically pleasing and natural looking hair transplant procedures and hair restoration solutions available anywhere in Canada. This means we are committed to utilizing the most advanced surgical hair restoration techniques and hair transplant technology in the world, combined with painstaking attention to aesthetics and surgical excellence, combined with a culture of complete patient trust, care, and satisfaction.

Advanced Hair Restoration Solutions in Edmonton, Alberta

At PAI, the trust we earn from our patients as well as our total patient care are designed with one goal in mind: to help you enjoy a lifetime of completely natural looking hair, and to give you the look and confidence you deserve.

Each member of the PAI hair restoration team is committed to excellence, participates in continuing professional education, and attends conferences worldwide to stay abreast of the latest in hair transplantation and hair loss treatment technology and procedures.

We provide a complete range of surgical hair restoration solutions, including hair transplantation for hereditary hair loss in men and women, NeoGraft Advanced  (FUE) hair transplants in Edmonton, as well as corrective surgery for old hair plugs and flaps, as well as transgender hair restoration.

Our hair transplant doctors combine state of the art medical knowledge with a keen sense of artistic and aesthetics to give you the perfect, natural hair restoration you need and deserve.

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What Our Client’s Say

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“It’s about a month since I had my hair transplant at PAI. All the new hair is still intact, fortunately :). I was advised to wait for couples months till they are fully grown again. So, I will check back here for the result. I just want to compliment the PAI Medical Group staff. Everyone is genuinely helpful, honest and professional with customers. Everything is laying out before you sign the service agreement without hidden charge.

The procedure was four hours long in my case but it’s very smooth and painless, with no stitches. I would highly recommend this professional team and place if you are considering “tuning up” yourself.




Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we provide the most advanced and effective hair restoration procedures for men and women of all ages and hair types.

Discreet, Private Consultation & Services

All of our services are provided with your complete privacy in mind. We provide a discreet, confidential, professional atmosphere which all our patients appreciate, especially those whose work places them in the public eye.

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